20 Fun Things To Do With Kids At Home

hings To Do at with Kids at Home
Fun Things To Do at Home with Kids

Whether you’re planning a staycation or suddenly find yourself at home all day with kids out of school, here are 20 family activities to do at home to enjoy each other and keep your sanity:

Board Games
Pull out all the board games and make it a board game marathon.

Drawing Games
There are plenty of fun ways to turn drawing into a game with drawing prompts or drawing games like pass the drawing, Pictionary, or Roll a Monster.

Recycled Sculptures
Dig into your recycle bin for some clean cardboard, paper towel roll tubes, plastic containers, and lids. Pull out glue, paints, and anything else you have on hand and let everyone’s imaginations loose.

Read Aloud Together
Grab a favorite book (or several) and cozy up on the couch for a good old-fashioned storytime. Reading aloud is a great way to relax, to bond, and to start a conversation.

Cook Together
Get the kids in the kitchen. Bake some cookies, or just let them help prepare dinner.

Do the Laundry
That’s right. Do the laundry! You have to do it anyway. Why not get the kids involved? Teach the kids a real life skill. Maybe try a laundry folding race to see who can fold the most laundry the fastest.

Virtual Vacation
Pick a place your family has never been, and learn about it online. It could be the rainforest, the Grand Canyon or even an amusement park. Look for information, pictures and videos. Talk about what you would do there.

Scavenger Hunt
Plan a scavenger hunt in the house. Make a simple list of anything at all – socks, a Lego, a paint brush. Send the kids searching.

Paper Airplanes
Make some paper airplanes, and send them into flight. Try some different formats and compare how they fly.

If paper airplanes go well, try some other paper folding. There are some great origami channels on YouTube that can teach you how to fold almost anything.

Play Would You Rather
Come up with some “would you rather” questions, or find some online, and start some fun and funny conversations.

Paint Together
Pull out the paints and smocks, and paint together as a family.

Make a Family Timeline
Create a family timeline with everyone’s birthdays, special events, and memorable vacations.

Look at Old Family Pictures
Show the kids pictures of themselves as babies, pictures of their birthday parties, pictures of some of their firsts. Pull out some of your own childhood pictures and share those too.

It’s a classic for a reason. Enjoy a game of charades.

Indoor Obstacle Course
Let your kids create indoor obstacle courses and race each other.

Writer Letters or Make Cards
Everyone loves getting mail. Make some cards and write some letters for grandparents or friends.

String games – Cat’s Cradle anyone?
Teach your kids cat’s cradle and any other string games you know.

Hide the ___.
Pick an object, and have someone hide it somewhere in the house. Everyone else can try to find it.

Tea Party
Have a fancy tea party with whatever you have on hand. Let the kids help set up and decorate.

Published by Krista Brock

As a magazine editor turned freelance writer, mom, and children's book author, I enjoy creating children's books and activities that invite creativity and encourage a love of reading.

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