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The Benefits of Reading to Children and the Importance Putting the Book Down

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The most powerful part of reading often happens when you put down the book,” Erin Clabough, Ph.D., says.


The benefits of reading to children are immeasurable, and they have been studied and cited countless times. Articles on the importance of reading to children explain that doing so helps develop children’s communication skills, increases their vocabulary, enhances their creativity, and can deepen the bond between the child and the parent or caregiver. There’s a great post about the benefits of reading aloud to children on Ragamuffin Books.

As it turns out though, how you read to your children also makes a difference. Continue reading “The Benefits of Reading to Children and the Importance Putting the Book Down”


The Summer Slide: Fact, Fiction, and Differentiation

Summer Slide

Summer is here, and with it comes countless articles and recommendations for parents regarding the “summer slide.”

Just what is summer slide? It is the phenomenon in which children forget some of what they learned during the school year as they relax and play during the summer. Students supposedly lose an entire two months of reading and math skills over the summer. Continue reading “The Summer Slide: Fact, Fiction, and Differentiation”