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Are They Sponges? Do Children Learn Languages Faster Than Adults?

Children's Handwriting in Catalan

When we moved to Barcelona, we had a big decision to make about our children’s education. They could go to an English-speaking school where they would speak primarily English and learn some Spanish; or they could go to a school where the primary language is Catalan, and they would have some instruction in Spanish and English.

We chose to go for the Catalan school. First, our children speak English and will continue to master the language because we speak it and read in it at home. Second, we weren’t sure exactly how long we’d live in Barcelona, but with no current plans to leave, we wanted to settle in, learn the local languages, and be part of the community rather than living on the edge of it. Third, we wanted to take advantage of the valuable opportunity for our children to master new languages learning from native speakers, which isn’t easy to come by in U.S. schools. Continue reading “Are They Sponges? Do Children Learn Languages Faster Than Adults?”