Robot Drawing Prompt

Robot Drawing Prompts

Here are three robot drawing prompts for your child (and you too!). Who doesn’t love a good robot? And what kid doesn’t love to imagine a fun robot friend?

Click below for three robot drawing prompts to kickstart your child’s imagination and help them draw out a fun imaginary robot. They can also give their robot a name and imagine what their robot can do.

Robot Drawing Prompt for Kids

Robot Writing Prompt

You can use these pages alone as a simple, fun activity, or you could take things a step further.

After completing the drawing prompt, you can use the drawing as a writing prompt. The page already asks the robot’s name and what it does. That’s enough for to get some creativity flowing! Your child can create a whole story now.

Perhaps the story might be about what the robot does or who it helps, or maybe your child can write a story about who made the robot, how they made it, and why they made it.


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