Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids: Valentine’s Bookmarks (free printable)

Valentine Craft for Kids

Valentine Craft for Kids

Looking for Valentine’s Day crafts for kids?

Try this fun, no-mess color challenge.

Valentine Bookmark Printable Color Challenge

Grab some colored pencils, crayons or markers. Have everyone choose three colors from the pile. Color the hearts, trying to change up the color in each outlined section. (Where the hearts overlap, color that little slice a different color.) AND, try not to allow the same color to touch itself.

Then your child can enjoy using these bookmarks him/herself or share them with friends on Valentine’s Day!

Happy coloring, and happy reading!

Valentine Bookmark Printable

Valentine Bookmarks

Published by Krista Brock

As a magazine editor turned freelance writer, mom, and children's book author, I enjoy creating children's books and activities that invite creativity and encourage a love of reading.

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