Simple Crafts for Kids and Parents: 10 Easy Art Projects To Do with Your Child

Arts and Crafts for Kids

10 Simple Crafts for Kids

Sitting down with your child to try out some simple crafts for kids is a great way to share some family time, encourage creativity, and boost your child’s self-esteem.

Art activities for kids serve as an outlet for children to grow creatively and increase self-esteem. They can express themselves freely and feel confident in their finished work. Trying out some simple crafts alongside your child will show that you are interested in what they are doing and will get the two of you talking and laughing together.

If you’re not an artist, don’t shy away from the craft table. There are plenty of easy art projects you can do with your child without any artistic training or talent.


10 Simple Crafts for Kids You Can Do Too

Crafts for Kids, Scribble Art

1. Scribble Art

For one of they very the least intimidating art projects for kids (and you!), try scribble art. Grab a marker and scribble a little. Then color inside the scribble lines. This is a fun and relaxing project for both you and your child.

Easy crafts for kids, paper airplane

2. Paper Folding or Origami

Make something simple like a paper airplane or a paper boat, or try some advanced origami. Mess up, try again. Learn together.

Art Project based on Henri's Scissors

3. Matisse Cutouts

For this easy craft for kids, you’ll need some construction paper, scissors, and glue to try your hand at a Matisse masterpiece. Cut any kind of curving, swirling shape you like and glue them in your own original design. You can view some images of Matisse’s cutout artworks online or read Henri’s Scissors first if you like.

Crafts for Kids, Frame a Picture

4. Frame a Photo

Find or print a fun photo of your child or the two of you together, and create a frame for it. Another option is to create a frame for one of your child’s drawings. You can make it simple or elaborate. Simply glue a photo to a piece of paper and decorate around it, or use cardboard, ribbon, bottle caps, stickers to make something really creative.

Crafts with Kids

5. Sticker Mandalas from the Artful Parent

Mandalas are a relaxing easy way to get creative without worrying about how skilled you are in the arts. And what kid doesn’t love stickers? Cut out a circle, and start sticking down some shape stickers in your own unique pattern. This fun art project for kids is from the Artful Parent, which is another great resource for project ideas.

Paper Snowflake Craft for Kids

6. Paper Snowflakes

Fold and cut. It’s so simple. Of course, if you want to get advanced with it, you can find plenty of instructions on how to do so online.

Picture Pie Birds

7. Ed Emberly’s Picture Pie

Who knew you could do so much with a circle? Cut your circle into two, four, six, or eight pieces, and assemble them into almost anything with instructions or inspiration from Ed Emberly’s Picture Pie. The book is filled with birds, butterflies, flowers, mice and more–all made from pie shapes.

Leaf Rubbing Craft

8. Leaf Rubbings

This is easy enough. Go outside and collect some leaves. Then grab some crayons and do some colorful leaf rubbings. You could combine this activity with a nice walk around the neighborhood, or even take the crayons and paper outside on a nice day and do the entire activity outside.

Paper Sculptures

9. Paper Sculptures

Free-form paper sculptures are another fun and easy art project you can try with your child. Get some colored paper (the brighter the better), some glue, and some scissors. Cut, fold, and glue as you wish.

Simple Drawings with Kids

10. Draw Something Simple

You don’t have to be an artist to draw. In fact, drawing has many benefits that can serve your child throughout her life, so encourage her to draw as much as you can. If a blank piece of paper is a little too intimidating for you and your child, find some how to draw step by step websites or check out some how to draw YouTube channels. You can learn how to draw anything from an ice cream cone to your child’s favorite cartoon character.

Arts and Crafts for Kids

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