Who Is Awake with Ollie? A Quick Lesson on  Nocturnal Animals for Kids

Nocturnal Animals for Kids

Nocturnal Animals


The Nighttime Adventures of Calvin and Ollie, which will be available on Amazon next month, begins as many of our days end… Calvin doesn’t want to go to sleep, but his mother says it’s time.

Then Calvin’s stuffed owl, Ollie, comes to life and invites him to come play. The two explore the night forest. When Calvin first arrives in the forest, he sees that it is alive with activity, even though it is night. However, in this illustrate-it-yourself adventure, children are given only a backdrop on which their story takes place. They are invited to imagine and draw Calvin, Ollie, and what they might see in the night forest. This interactive project can easily spread over the course of several days.

For some young readers, simply drawing out the main characters will be enough of a project. Others, however, may be interested in adding more detail. With that in mind, here is a quick lesson on nocturnal versus diurnal animals to share with your child and a list of nocturnal animals your child can draw in his or her book if he wishes.

Nocturnal Animals for Kids

Nocturnal Versus Diurnal



Nocturnal – Nocturnal animals are awake at night.

Diurnal – Diurnal animals are awake during the day.


Nocturnal Animal Adaptations


How can nocturnal animals see?

Some nocturnal animals, such as owls, have large eyes to absorb as much light as possible to help them see at night. Small bats known as microbats, for example are not completely blind, but they have poor eyesight. Instead they rely on sound and echoes to navigate. Large megabats, on the other hand, have large eyes and good eyesight.


What else helps nocturnal animals navigate the dark?

Others rely less on sight and more on their other senses to navigate and hunt in the dark. Some animals have heightened hearing or sense of smell to help them in the dark. Some nocturnal animals rely on whiskers to help them. These special hairs on the face have sensory receptors to feel what is around them.


List of Nocturnal Animals: 10 Nocturnal Animals Awake at Night

  1. Owl
  2. Fox
  3. Beaver
  4. Bat
  5. Cyote
  6. Lynx
  7. Raccoon
  8. Flying Squirrel
  9. Hedgehog
  10. Skunk


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