Fun Facts About Ollie and Other Owls

Owl Facts

Fun Facts About Owls

The release of The Nighttime Adventures of Calvin and Ollie is in just one month. The book will be available on Amazon through KDP Direct Publishing. As an illustrate-it-yourself adventure, The Nighttime Adventures of Calvin and Ollie invites children to engage in reading on a deeper level, drawing out the story in their own way. In the book, the main character, Calvin, goes on an adventure with Ollie, his stuffed owl.

Reading and drawing owls may inspire some curiosity about these fascinating nocturnal birds, so prepare to talk about and learn about owls with your young reader. Here are 10 fun owl facts for kids and a free printable for your child.

Owl Facts

10 Fun Facts About Owls:

  1. There are about 200 different species of owls, and they live in most parts of the world.
  2. Owls are nocturnal, meaning they are awake at night.
  3. Owls generally eat insects and small mammals. A few owl species eat fish.
  4. Owls are far-sighted, so they can’t see up close very clearly.
  5. When they fly, owls are nearly silent, making it easy for them to fly undetected.
  6. Owls can turn their heads very far—about 270 degrees (not quite all the way)!
  7. A group of owls is called a parliament.
  8. Owls have excellent hearing, allowing them to hear animals moving under leaves and dirt.
  9. Owls don’t just hoot. They also screech, squeak, and sometimes hiss when threatened.
  10. Owls don’t build nests, but they do take over abandoned nests of other birds. Other owls live underground, sometimes taking over prairie dog tunnels.

Click the image to download your owl printable.


Tomorrow, we’ll look at some ways to draw owls to help your young readers get ready to illustrate their very own book: The Nighttime Adventures of Calvin and Ollie, an illustrate-it-yourself adventure.

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